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Fig. 10

From: The hyperpycnite problem

Fig. 10

Tidal data. a Tidal mixing parameter log10(h/U3) for M2 tidal currents, where h is the local water depth in meter and U is the depth-averaged tidal velocity in meter per second. Solid, white contour lines indicate log10(h/U3) = 2.0, which defines tidal mixing fronts at four locations: (1) the inner shelf of Seohan Bay, (2) Kyunggi Bay, (3) the shelf area off the southwest Korean peninsula, and (4) the China shelf area between 34°N and 35°N; b Map showing depth-averaged M2 residual currents. Note strong residual currents are seen off the Yellow River mouth. The tidal residual vectors are plotted every 5 grid points. M2 (period: 12.42 h): Main lunar semidiurnal constituent (see Shanmugam 2012, Appendix A for explanations of tidal constituents). Both figures are from Yao et al. (2012), with permission from Springer Nature. Copyright Clearance Center’s RightsLink: Licensee: G. Shanmugam. License Number: 4258870031080. License Date: December 30, 2017. Additional labels by G. Shanmuagam

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