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Fig. 19

From: The hyperpycnite problem

Fig. 19

Properties measured during episodes of four cyclones (i.e., typhoons), Kalmaegi, Fong Wong, Kammuri, and Nuri (red filled circles), in the Gaoping submarine canyon, Taiwan, China. a Hourly atmospheric (Atm.) pressure and precipitation during the deployment. DL and SLC are the locations for two rain gauges; DL rain gauge was located along the riverbank and SLC rain gauge was located on Siaoliouciou Island; b Daily river runoff and interpolated and observed SSC (Suspended sediment concentration) at Liling Bridge gauging station about 30 km from the mouth; c Hourly mean wave height and period recorded at a wave buoy southwest off Siaoliouciou Island; d Stick diagram of the recorded flow by the Sontek current meter whose scale is given on the top right corner. The upward direction is the north. The single red ‘stick’ is the flow recorded on 08:00 LT 18 July. The light brown curve is the acoustic backscatter (echo intensity) measured by the Sontek current meter that represents the SSC in the water. The three arrows point to the timing of the first three timer-discs in the non-sequential sediment trap; e The contoured temperature anomaly measured by each mini log on the taut-line. From Liu et al. (2012) with additional labels. See Shanmugam (2008a) for meteorological and sedimentological aspects of cyclones

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