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Fig. 22

From: The hyperpycnite problem

Fig. 22

Gulf of Cádiz. a Location map of the Gulf of Cádiz (red filled circle). Image credit: ETOPO1 Global Relief Model, C. Amante and B.W. Eakins, ETOPO1 Arc-Minute Global Relief Model: Procedures, Data Sources and Analysis, NOAA Technical Memorandum NESDIS NGDC-24, March 2009; b Circulation patterns of ocean currents in the Gulf of Cádiz (Peliz et al. 2009). MO = Mediterranean outflow; GCC = Gulf of Cádiz slope current; c Satellite image showing sediment plumes with an U-Turn pattern (white arrow). Note that the U-Turn pattern is mimicking the circulation of ocean currents (b). White open circle = Guadalquivir River mouth. NASA image courtesy Jeff Schmaltz, LANCE MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC. Image acquired on November 13, 2012. Additional symbols and labels all by G. Shanmugam

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