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Fig. 1

From: Petrography of Middle Jurassic to Early Cretaceous sandstones in the Kutch Basin, western India: Implications on provenance and basin evolution

Fig. 1

a Tectonic elements and inferred palaeoslope of the Mesozoic in the Kutch Basin (modified after Biswas 1991). PU = Patcham Uplift; KU = Khadir Uplift; BU = Bela Uplift; CU = Chorad Uplift; WU = Wagad Uplift; KMU = Kutch Mainland Uplift; NPU = Nagar Parkar Uplift; NPF = Nagar Parkar Fault; IBF = Island Belt Fault; SWF = South Wagad Fault; KMF = Kutch Mainland Fault; KHF = Katrol Hill Fault; NKF = North Kathiawar Fault; BHG = Banni Half Graben; GoK-HG = Gulf of Kutch Half Graben. Sample locations (blue dots) are marked in the Kutch Mainland area; b Geological map of Kutch Mainland showing extents of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic outcrops (after Biswas 1981, 1977); c Composite log of the study area (after Biswas 2005; Fürsich et al. 2005; Mandal et al. 2016)

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