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Fig. 4

From: Age assignment of the upper Carboniferous Arbasay Formation in Shichang Region, North Tianshan (NW China)

Fig. 4

Field photographs of the Arbasay Formation. a Panoramic photos of the Arbasay Formation; telegraph pole is 10 m high. b General characteristics of the lower part of Arbasay Formation. c General characteristics of the upper part of Arbasay Formation. d Claret-colored andesite, Lower Arbasay Formation, hammer (28 cm long) shows the scale. e Greyish-green basalts, Lower Arbasay Formation, pencil is 20 cm (scale) long. fi The tuffs intercalated with the volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks; Upper Arbasay Formation, person (scale) is 1.7 m tall

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