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Table 3 Composition of the meteoric fluids and the fluids derived from the compaction of shale used in the simulation. Fluid composition is assumed as documented in the Eocene of Gulf of Mexico as an analog (Tempel and Harrison, 2000)

From: Computerized geochemical modeling of burial diagenesis of the Eocene turbidite reservoir elements: Urucutuca Formation, Espírito Santo Basin, southeastern Brazil passive margin

Solutes Meteoric Water (mg/L) Compaction Water (mg/L)
Na+ 6.30 29.80
K+ 2.30 230.00
Ca2+ 15.00 1490.00
Mg2+ 4.10 151.00
Cl 15.00 476,300.00
SO42− 11.20 18.00
SiO2(aq) 13.10 84.00
Fe2+ 1.00 100.00
Al3+ 0.01 0.01
HCO3 equil CO2 equil CO2
H+ 3.16E-7 3.16E-6
pH 6.50 5.50