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Table 4 Composition of the thermobaric fluid related to the salt dome used in the model. The formation-water composition of the modelled stratigraphic horizon of the Well A1 is considered as an analog in the model (courtesy PetróleoBrasileiro S.A. – Petrobras)

From: Computerized geochemical modeling of burial diagenesis of the Eocene turbidite reservoir elements: Urucutuca Formation, Espírito Santo Basin, southeastern Brazil passive margin

Solutes Sample 1 (mg/L)
HCO3 794.00
Br 25.00
Ca2+ 3377.00
Cl 62,517.00
Sr2+ 408.00
Fe2+ 50.00
Mg2+ 345.00
K+ 7640.00
Salinity 103,060.00
Na+ 32,349.00
SO42− 1694.00