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Fig. 6

From: Identification of hydrovolcanism and its significance for hydrocarbon reservoir assessment: A review

Fig. 6

Pores of hydrovolcanism products. a The ~27 ka phreatomagmatic eruption products in Oruanui Volcano, New Zealand, showing the inner irregular vesicles (Van Eaton et al. 2012); b Physical simulation experiment products formed from the interaction between the magma and the liquid−solid-water mixture in the 18 ± 2 °C condition (Experiment Mix-2), showing the inner cavities (Van Eaton et al. 2012); c Products generated from the magma−ice interaction, showing plenty of vesicles in lava surface (Edwards et al. 2013); d Mount of cavities developed in subglacial volcano lava in British Columbia, Canadian (Edwards et al. 2013); e Core photo of the first Member of the Fengcheng Formation (P1f1, 4832.00 m) in Well Xia201 in the Junggar Basin, showing pores developed in a lot of particles; f Microscopic photo of the Fig. 6e, particles developed large pores and parts of them were filled with authigenetic quartz

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