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Table 2 Features of the hardgrounds in the upper part of the Bada Bag Member of the Jaisalmer Formation, Jaisalmer Basin. HG Hardground, S Softground stage, H Hardground stage, r Rare, o Occurring, c Common, a Abundant, + Present, Absent

From: Recurrent hardgrounds and their significance for intra-basinal correlations: a case study of upper Bathonian rocks from the western margin of the Indian craton

Locality Hardground
Fe-crust Encrusters Trace fossils Associated fauna
(1a) Nav Dungar HG I Megaripple (obscure) Ooidal biorudstone + Oysters H: Gastrochaenolites (c)  
(1b) Nav Dungar HG II Flat Packstone +   S: Rhizocorallium commune H: Meandropolydora (r), Gastrochaenolites (a) Terebratulids, rhynchonellids
(2) Jajiya village W (HG II) Irregular Packstone   S: Thalassinoides suevicus H: Gastrochaenolites (a)  
(3a) Jajiya village E (HG I) (Figs. 2a and 4) Truncated megaripples Rudstone Oysters (o) H: Gastrochaenolites (c)  
(3b) Jajiya Village E (HG II) (Fig. 4) Flat, preserved only in megaripple troughs Fine-grained packstone   H: Gastrochaenolites (c)  
(4a) Kuldhar Nala (HG I) Megaripple Rudstone Oysters (o), Nanogyra patch reefs   Rhynchonellids
(4b) Kuldhar Nala (HG II) Flat Fine-grained packstone   H: Gastrochaenolites (a)  
(5a) Kuldhar River (HG I) (Figs. 2b, c and 5) Megaripple Trough cross-bedded sandy ooidal biopackstone to grainstone + Liostrea S: Thalassinoides (c), Siphonichnus, Ophiomorpha (o) H: Gastrochaenolites (o), Meandropolydora (r) Limids, pectinids, rhynchonellids, terebratulids
(5b) Kuldhar River (HG II) (Fig. 5) Irregular Silty biowackestone to biopackstone + stromatolitic   S: Chondrites, Rhizocorallium commune, Thalassinoides H: Gastrochaenolites (a), Meandropolydora (o) Terebratulids, Nanogyra, Chlamys, Homomya, Pholadomya, Pleurotomaria, corals echinoid spines, crinoid ossicles,
(5c) Kuldhar River (HG III) (Fig. 5) Irregular Silty, marly, ooid-bearing packstone + stromatolitic Oysters H: Meandropolydora (o) Oysters (c), rhynchonellids echinoid spines, crinoid ossicles
(6a) 11 km milestone W of Jaisalmer (HG I) Uneven, eroded High-angle cross-bedded rudstone + Nanogyra, Liostrea H: Gastrochaenolites (a)  
(6b) 11 km Milestone W of Jaisalmer (HG II) (Fig. 2d) Irregular Ooidal biopackstone + Oysters S: Planolites, Rhizocorallium commune
H: Gastrochaenolites (a)
Rhynchonellids, oysters, Ctenostreon, high-spired gastropods
(6c) 11 km milestone W of Jaisalmer (HG III) (Fig. 2e) Irregular Packstone with bored pebbles Nanogyra (a) S: Rhizocorallium commune H: Gastrochaenolites Oysters, rhynchonellids, echinoid spines, crinoid ossicles
(7a) Gharoi River (HG I) Flat Packstone Nanogyra H: Gastrochaenolites (r) Actinostreon
(7b) Gharoi River (HG II) Flat Packstone   H: Gastrochaenolites (a)  
(8a) 6 km W of Hadda (HG II) Flat Packstone + Oysters (r) H: Gastrochaenolites (a), Meandropolydora (a)  
(8b) 6 km W of Hadda (HG III) Flat Packstone to rudstone with reworked fine-grained packstone clasts Oysters H: Gastrochaenolites, Meandropolydora (a)  
(9a) Kanod River (HG II) Flat Biopackstone + stromatolitic Oysters H: Gastrochaenolites, Trypanites, Meandropolydora Brachiopods (r), bivalves (r)
(9b) Kanod River (HG III) Flat Packstone to rudstone with bored and encrusted concretions   Oysters H: Gastrochaenolites