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Fig. 3

From: Ornamental feathers in Cretaceous Burmese amber: resolving the enigma of rachis-dominated feather structure

Fig. 3

RDFs with interlocking barbs. a DIP-V-16111 overview with asymmetrical vanes (arrowheads at base of each vane); b DIP-V-16111 barb structure; c DIP-V-16111 barbules with hooklets (inset and arrowheads); d DIP-SY-06231 overview with plumulaceous feathers trapped on drying line (arrowheads), and more detailed view of barb and barbule structure (inset). Scale bars = 2 mm in (a); 0.5 mm in (b); 0.1 mm in (c); 5 mm in (d); 0.2 mm in (d) inset

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