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Fig. 5

From: Ornamental feathers in Cretaceous Burmese amber: resolving the enigma of rachis-dominated feather structure

Fig. 5

Paired RDFs. a DIP-V-17109 overview; b barbs of DIP-V-17109 with clumped barbules and blunt barb apices; c DIP-V-15153 overview, with feather apices deflected dorsally (to left) by resin flows, but rachis unaffected; d RSKM_P3306.58 overview, horizontal arrowheads mark rachis lateral margins, vertical arrowheads mark rachidial ridges, arrow denotes area for detailed images in e and f; e detail of barb bases and lateral attachment to the rachis in RSKM_P3306.58; f detail of barbules in RSKM_P3306.58, arrow highlights hooklets on distal barbules. Scale bars = 5 mm in (a); 0.2 mm in (b); 2 mm in (c and d); 0.5 mm in (e and f)

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