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Fig. 6

From: Ornamental feathers in Cretaceous Burmese amber: resolving the enigma of rachis-dominated feather structure

Fig. 6

Paired RDFs. a DIP-V-16164 partial overview, with RDF rachises indicated by arrowheads; b oblique section through one rachis in DIP-V-16164; c distorted rachis near base of DIP-V-16164; d DIP-V-16186 overview; e barbs of DIP-V-16186, arrowhead indicating hooklets; f DIP-V-17137 overview, arrow indicating taphonomic tear in vane, arrowhead indicating region with numerous plumulaceous feathers; g details of rachis, barbs, and barbules in DIP-V-17137 RDF (on right side of f), with bristle-like feather floating in amber between arrowheads. Scale bars = 5 mm in (a, d and f); 1 mm in (b and c); 0.2 mm in (e); 0.5 mm in (g)

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