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Plate 2 | Journal of Palaeogeography

Plate 2

From: The first occurrence of Phlebopteris dunkeri and P. woodwardii (Matoniaceae) from the middle Jurassic of Iran

Plate 2

Leaf fragments of Phlebopteris woodwardii Leckenby, 1864. a - Upper part of a fertile pinnule without apex, leaf fragment from sample MBH402/301; b - Fertile pinnule showing sori and their positions, leaf fragment from sample MBH395/301; c - Fertile pinnule showing the arc and elongated veins net, leaf fragment from sample MBH390/301; d - Sterile pinna showing the perpendicular insertion of pinnules, leaf fragment from sample MBH392/301; e - Sterile pinnule showing the waved margin as the result of preservation, leaf fragment from sample MBH391/301. Scale bar: 5 mm

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