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Fig. 7

From: Using geophysical logs to identify Milankovitch cycles and to calculate net primary productivity (NPP) of the Late Permian coals, western Guizhou, China

Fig. 7

Comparison of atmospheric CO2 content (Berner 2006) and O2 content (Berner 2009) through geological history. The shadow column P3–2 represents the approximate time position of peatlands formed in western Guizhou during the Late Permian period in this study; P3–1, J2, K1 and Q indicate the approximate time positions of peatlands formed in the Late Permian (Wang et al. 2011), the Middle Jurassic (Wang et al. 2018), the Early Cretaceous (Yan et al. 2016) and the Holocene (Large 2007), respectively

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