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Table 2 Summary of peatland net primary productivity (NPP) levels at different geological ages and latitudes

From: Using geophysical logs to identify Milankovitch cycles and to calculate net primary productivity (NPP) of the Late Permian coals, western Guizhou, China

Geological age Latitude NPP (gCm−2a− 1) CO2 content (%) O2 content (%)
 Late Permian 0°–(−10)°S b217.2–462 0.1 28
 Late Permian 0°–(−10)°S 242–433.8 0.1 28
 Late Permian 40°–45°N 112–243 0.1 28
 Late Permian 40°–45°N 143.5–202 0.1 28
 Middle Jurassic 42°–44°N 256.7–307.1 0.1 14.6
 Early Cretaceous 40°–45°N 231–256 0.15 21
 Holocene 40°–45°N 150–230 0.03 21
  1. P3–1, P3–2, J2, K1 and Q refer to Fig. 7 for the approximate time positions of peatlands formed during geologic time
  2. a means the converted value from the original tropics to a middle latitude area
  3. b represents the new estimated NPP value based on the long-term average carbon accumulation rate for peatland (Wang et al. 2011)