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Fig. 4 | Journal of Palaeogeography

Fig. 4

From: The Jurassic fossil wood diversity from western Liaoning, NE China

Fig. 4

Ginkgoxylon liaoningense Jiang, Wang, Philippe et Zhang. a Transverse section with a well-marked growth ring. Scale bar = 100 μm; b Transverse section with intercellular spaces (red arrows) and locally destroyed walls (black arrows), possibly resulting from a fungal attack. Scale bar = 40 μm; c Tangential section; note the tracheid tip contiguous to the ray margin. Scale bar = 100 μm; d Tangential section with inflated axial parenchyma associated to a ray (red arrow). Scale bar = 60 μm; e Radial section with a tracheid bunch (red arrow) with tips bent alongside wood rays. Scale bar = 40 μm; f Radial section with cross-fields. Note that the cross-fields are 2–4 cupressoid oculipores, with an oblique aperture. Scale bar = 20 μm (after Jiang et al. 2016)

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