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Fig. 5

From: The Jurassic fossil wood diversity from western Liaoning, NE China

Fig. 5

Taxodioxylon szei Yang et Zheng. a Transverse section with growth ring. Scale bar = 200 μm; b Transverse section with traumatic resin canals. Scale bar = 100 μm; c Radial section with radial wall pits, uniseriate, round and separate (upper arrow); Biseriate, alternate or opposite (lower arrow). Scale bar = 50 μm; d Radial section with cross-fields, taxodioid, pit and cupressoid pit (arrow). Scale bar = 20 μm; e Tangential section with xylem rays. Scale bar = 100 μm; f Tangential section with idioblast on xylem rays (arrow). Scale bar = 50 μm

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