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Fig. 3

From: A new Bergeria (Flemingitaceae) from the Mississippian of Xinjiang, NW China and its evolutionary implications

Fig. 3

Bergeria wenquanensis sp. nov. The scale bars are 3 cm long each. a Leaf cushions getting gradually smaller and more closely arranged from frames i to iii, arrows indicating the leaf cushions; b The relationship between the leaf cushions in the frame, lower and upper acuminate apices of two adjacent leaf cushions mostly staggered, occasionally connected (indicated by arrows); c Stagger of two adjacent leaf cushions (indicated by arrows); d Spiral arrangement of leaf cushions (indicated by arrows); e Enlargement of b showing upper and lower angles of a leaf cushion (indicated by arrows); f Enlargement of d showing protruding part of a cushion in frames i and ii, arrows indicating the visible ornamentation and the fine grooves on the surface of leaf cushions

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