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Fig. 1

From: Coupling textural and stable-isotope variations in fluvial stromatolites: Comparison of Pleistocene and recent records in NE Spain

Fig. 1

Geographical location and geological map of the study area. Note in b the location of the studied stromatolites: Pleistocene deposits at Los Bancales and the modern P-14 stromatolite in the Monasterio de Piedra Natural Park. Paleozoic (Ordovician): Siliciclastic sandstones and mudstones, and quartzites; Triassic: Siliciclastic conglomerates, sandstones and mudstones (Buntsandstein Facies), dolostones and marls (Muschelkalk Facies), and marls and gypsum (Keuper Facies); Jurassic: Dolostones; Cretaceous: Sandstones and mudstones (Albian), and limestones, dolostones and marlstones (Upper Cretaceous); Paleogene and Neogene: Polymict conglomerates, sandstones and mudstones; Quaternary: Gravels, sands and silts, and tufas

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