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Fig. 6

From: Coupling textural and stable-isotope variations in fluvial stromatolites: Comparison of Pleistocene and recent records in NE Spain

Fig. 6

Recent stromatolite formed at site P-14 (see Fig. 2). a Portion of a cross-section of deposit on a tablet, with the identification of six-month deposits. Note the dominant lamination and dense fabric in the warm-period deposits. A macrocrystalline lamina is distinguished at the base of the cool period (2004–2005) deposits; b Photomicrograph of a portion of A with indication of six-month periods and the three types of laminae; c Detail of a portion of b, showing a macrocrystalline lamina over a sharp base and then overlain by micrite cyanobacterial filaments arranged as a fan-shaped body

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