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Fig. 13

From: Development characteristics and controlling factor analysis of the Neogene Minghuazhen Formation shallow water delta in Huanghekou area, Bohai offshore basin

Fig. 13

Sedimentation controls the formation of relative palaeogeomorphology and local sub-sags and channel of later periods (Taking PSS1 of BZ26 area as an example). a is the seismic profile (Seeing location for Fig. 13d); b is the seismic lithologic interpretation. Interpretation of lithology under the boundary indicates that areas where sandbodies develop tend to form local palaeo-highs due to their strong anti-erosion ability and are uneasy to be compacted; c shows the channels and small sub-sags formed by relative palaeogeomorphological height difference. Relatively low palaeogeomorphology forms long and narrow shape which represent channels of late periods; d is a 3-D display of PSS1 palaeogeomorphology in BZ26 area

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