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Fig. 1

From: Palaeoenvironmental setting of lacustrine stromatolites in the Miocene Wudaoliang Group, northern Tibetan Plateau

Fig. 1

a Stromatolite-bearing core profile of Zk1 drill in the Miocene Wudaoliang Group (modified from Wu et al. 2009 and Zeng et al. 2011) and geographic location of the Wudaoliang sampling site (Inset map of China is modified after State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, GS (2016)1591). Distance between the Zk1 drill site and the sample locality (93°05′15.8″E, 35°13′21.0″N) is about 2 km. Note the stromatolite intercalated beds are only in 10~50 cm thick in Zk1 drill core; b Satellite image shows the stromatolite outcrop (about 10 m in thickness) nearby Wudaoliang Town. The box area is approximately 240 × 80 m2 in size; c Field photo shows the stromatolite outcrop from the view of another hill

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