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Fig. 2

From: Palaeoenvironmental setting of lacustrine stromatolites in the Miocene Wudaoliang Group, northern Tibetan Plateau

Fig. 2

a Vertically-cut slab of a representative fenestral stromatolite hand specimen (WDL-13). Large open voids result from late meteoric dissolution; b Vertically-cut slab of another fenestral stromatolite hand specimen (WDL-12); c Slab of agglutinated stromatolite with substantial trapped particles. Diameter of the coin is 2.5 cm; d Zoomed area of the fenestral stromatolite in Fig. 2b. Note the millimeter-scale, elongated voids vertically arrayed to the laminae; e Zoomed area (2.4× magnification) of the agglutinated stromatolite in Fig. 2c, showing trapped/bound particles in different size; f Field image of stromatolites of the Wudaoliang Group

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