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Fig. 3

From: Characteristics of Early Cretaceous wildfires in peat-forming environment, NE China

Fig. 3

Photomicrographs of typical coal macerals in the studied coals. Inertinite shows higher reflectivity than huminite. Huminite maceral group: ulminite and corpohuminite. Inertinite maceral group: fusinite, semifusinite and Inertodetrinite. Oil immersion, white light. a, b Distinct cellular structure is preserved in the fusinite (Fu); from sample 407, Hailar Basin; c, d Fusinite (Fu) with distinct cellular structure and corpohuminite (Co) with spherical or oval shape indicating resistance to decay; from sample 419, Hailar Basin; e Semifusinite (Sf) with brittle fractures has contacts with ulminite (Ul); from sample 302, Sanjiang Basin; f Due to homogenization, structures within the cell walls are not visible in the ulminite (Ul); from sample 211, Erlian Basin

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