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Fig. 1

From: Role of calcimicrobes and microbial carbonates in the Late Carboniferous (Moscovian) mounds in southern Guizhou, South China

Fig. 1

Geological background information of this study. a The Late Carboniferous palaeogeography of South China (after Feng et al. 1999) and the location of the study area; BS = Baise Basin, JS = Jianshui Basin, LD = Luodian Basin, LZ = Liuzhi Basin, QF = Qinfang Basin, TD = Tiandeng Basin; b A geological map of the study area and the locations of Lumazhai and Zhongxinzhai mounds. C2 = Upper Carboniferous, P1 = Lower Permian, P2 = Upper Permian, T1 = Lower Triassic; Y766 = 766 Village Road, S209 = 209 Provincial Road; c Fusulinid zones of the Weining Formation in the study area and comparison to Russia

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