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Fig. 4

From: Repeated occurrence of palaeo-wildfires during deposition of the Bahariya Formation (early Cenomanian) of Egypt

Fig. 4

SEM images of macro-charcoal from the Bahariya Formation (Gabal El Dist profile at the Bahariya Oasis). a Charcoal from Chl 2 with homogenized cell walls (specimen: SMB 16–192-BAH); b Tracheid of a charred fern from Chl 3 with fungal hyphae (arrow) (specimen: SMB 16–202-BAH); c Partly decayed charcoal from Chl 1 exhibiting parenchymatic (?) cells with fungal hyphae (solid arrow) and cavities in the center of the cell walls (dotted arrow) (specimen: SMB 13–18-BAH); d A close-up of a cavity (specimen: SMB 13–18-BAH); e Zoomed area of the box in d, showing some fungal (?) remains; f Detail of same specimen as in d, showing numerous three-dimensionally preserved, filamentous structures of unknown origin

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