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Fig. 3

From: The first record of freshwater plesiosaurian from the Middle Jurassic of Gansu, NW China, with its implications to the local palaeobiogeography

Fig. 3

Tooth comparisons of rhomaleosaurids with IVPG-S01, showing the differences of crown curvature (CC). a Lateral view of IVPG-S01, CC = 1.08; b Lateral view of Bishanopliosaurus youngi (ZDM 40001), from Peng et al. 2005, CC = 1.22; c Lateral view of Rhomaleosaurus victor, from Massare 1987, CC = 1.15; d Lateral view of Thaumatodracon wiedenrothi, from Smith and Araujo 2017, CC ≈ 1.2; e Lateral view of Meyerasaurus victor, modified from Smith and Vincent 2010, CC ≈ 1.3. Scale bars = 20 mm. CC of the two teeth d and e are only a rough numerical value, because they do not completely expose the crown

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