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Fig. 3

From: Alluvial sedimentation and tectono-stratigraphic evolution in a narrow extensional zigzag basin margin (northern Teruel Basin, Spain)

Fig. 3

Stratigraphical correlation sketch. Profiles correspond to two approximately W-E trending cross-sections, nearby Villalba Alta and Orrios, respectively (see Fig. 2 for location). Megasequential evolution based on grain size changes and lithofacies associations have been drawn for each profile. Correlation levels, mammal localities with their corresponding Mammal Neogene (MN) zones (see Table 2), and the composite Villalba Alta–Villalba Alta Río and Orrios magnetostratigraphic profiles of Opdyke et al. (1997) (see stratigraphic profiles 1 and 8, respectively) are also shown

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