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Table 1 Palaeomagnetic data obtained from the Winterswijk quarry. Sites (site names) indicated with ‘(sp)’ only include ChRM directions obtained by fitting linear segments of demagnetization paths (setpoints) interpreted using principal component analysis (Kirschvink 1980). Sites (site names) indicated with ‘(sp + gc)’ also include great circle solutions referring to McFadden and McElhinny (1988)

From: Triassic (Anisian and Rhaetian) palaeomagnetic poles from the Germanic Basin (Winterswijk, the Netherlands)

Site NamesNsN45Dec ∆DxInc ∆IxKA95min A95 A95maxpLatpLongλlo λ λhi
Geographic Coordinates
 Rhaetian (sp)101043.3±14.654.0±<11.9<19.2  
 Rhaetian (sp + gc)212141.7±10.156.5±7.716.53.6<8.1<12.0  
 Anisian (sp)1313224.5±8.4−31.7±12.727.64.3<8.0<16.3  
 Anisian (sp + gc)5656214.8±3.2−31.3±4.939.42.4<3.1<6.5  
Tectonic Coordinates
 Rhaetian (sp)101034.2±12.648.7±12.620.54.8<10.9<19.256.9123.420.0<29.7<42
 Rhaetian (sp + gc)212132.0±8.750.9±<7.4<12.060.6123.924.8<31.6<39.8
 Anisian (sp)1313220.9±8.0− 28.4±12.830.34.3<7.7<16.341.9130.28.0<15.1<24
 Anisian (sp + gc)5656210.8±3.0−26.7±4.943.92.4<2.9<6.545.0142.011.3<14.1<17.1
  1. Key to abbreviations: Ns = Number of interpreted ChRM directions; N45 = Number of directions after applying a 45° cutoff; Dec = Declination; ∆Dx (∆Ix) = 95% confidence interval on the declination (inclination) following Butler (1992); Inc = Inclination; K = Fisher (1953) precision parameter calculated on virtual geomagnetic poles (VGPs); A95 = 95% cone of confidence around the VGPs; A95(min, max) = Reliability envelope of Deenen et al. (2011); pLat, pLong = Pole latitude and longitude; λ = Palaeolatitude; λ(lo, hi) = Lower and upper confidence limits for paleolatitude