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Fig. 7

From: First steps in reconstructing Early Jurassic sea water temperatures in the Andean Basin of northern Chile based on stable isotope analyses of oyster and brachiopod shells

Fig. 7

The Early Jurassic δ18O data from a Chile (for legend see Fig. 5) compared to the large datasets of b Martinez and Dera (2015) and c Korte et al. (2015) from the northwestern Tethys for the same time interval. The dataset of Martinez and Dera (2015) consists of 1662 individual belemnite samples (from Hesselbo et al. 2000b; McArthur et al. 2000; Jenkyns et al. 2002; Bailey et al. 2003; Gómez et al. 2008; Metodiev and Koleva-Rekalova 2008; Dera et al. 2009b, 2011; Price 2010; Korte and Hesselbo 2011; Armendáriz et al. 2012; Li et al. 2012; Harazim et al. 2013; Riding et al. 2013). The dataset of Korte et al. (2015) consists of 823 individual belemnite samples in addition to the results of 140 bivalves and 46 brachiopods (integrating their new data with that of McArthur et al. 2000; Cresta et al. 2001; Jenkyns et al. 2002; Suan et al. 2008; Price 2010; Korte and Hesselbo 2011; Li et al. 2012; Ullmann et al. 2014). Note the inverted scale for δ18O values

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