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Fig. 3

From: Ooidal ironstones in the Meso-Cenozoic sequences in western Siberia: assessment of formation processes and relationship with regional and global earth processes

Fig. 3

SEM images showing different morphological forms of pyrite in Bakchar ironstone deposit. (a) A huge aggregate of massive pyrite (mas-pyr) with normal framboids (norm-fr) and macro framboids (macro-fr) in sample 5702189; (b) Nodule of massive pyrite with normal framboids in sample 8032047; (c) Macro framboid and normal framboids in cement in sample 8032360; (d) Overgrowth or annular framboids (overgr-fr) in sample 5702195; (e) Polygonal framboids (polyg-fr) in sample 5702286; (f) Massive and euhedral (euh-pyr) pyrite in sample 5702189

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