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Fig. 2

From: A new early Visean coral assemblage from Azrou-Khenifra Basin, central Morocco and palaeobiogeographic implications

Fig. 2

a View looking south of limestone ridge (BMW1) c. 5 m thick showing steeply dipping beds overlain and underlain by softer shales; b Limestone bed with large angular quartzite and sandstone lithoclasts (beside coin) succeeded by thin laminated sandy limestone and black shales, in turn overlain by bioclastic limestone rich in corals (solitary rugose coral Siphonophyllia (black arrows) and cerioid tabulate coral Turnacipora (white arrow)) (coin diameter = 2.5 cm); c Close-up view of richly bioclastic limestone bed with sharp base, showing abundant transverse sections of Siphonophyllia and Sychnoelasma (black arrows) (hammer length = 40 cm); d Coarse-grained crinoidal limestone with longitudinal and transverse sections of Siphonophyllia khenifrense; e Thin section of rudstone at BMW1 showing bioclasts and lithoclasts. br = brachiopod, bz = bryozoan, co = coral, cr = crinoid, gr = gastropod, st = sandstone; f Thin section of rudstone at BMW2 showing bioclasts and lithoclasts. br = brachiopod, co = coral, cr = crinoid, sl = siltstone, st = sandstone

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