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Fig. 3

From: A new early Visean coral assemblage from Azrou-Khenifra Basin, central Morocco and palaeobiogeographic implications

Fig. 3

Conodonts from samples of BMW1. a–b Fragment of element of Kladognathus sp., DGO 15624, and detail of the face where breakage shows a lamellar inner structure and small apatite crystal 2–3 μm in size interpreted as recystallized and, later, slight dissolution; c–e Aboral and oral views of Mestognathus cf. beckmanni, DGO 15625, and detail of the margin of the platform with a strong dissolution located on the ornamentation of ridges and carina causing the inversion of surface relief; f Oral view of Polygnathus lobatus with pits due to dissolution of the conodont surface, DGO 15622; gGnathodus pseudosemiglaber, DGO 15623; h–i Oral and aboral views of Polygnathus inornatus, DGO 15621. Conodonts are stored in the Museum of Geology of the Department of Geology at the University of Oviedo, Spain (abbreviated DGO)

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