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Fig. 4

From: A new early Visean coral assemblage from Azrou-Khenifra Basin, central Morocco and palaeobiogeographic implications

Fig. 4

aEotextularia diversa, BMW1, Pc4367; bLatiendothyranopsis sp., BMW2; cOmphalotis sp., BMW1, Pc4364; dEoparastaffella tumida, BMW1, Pc4364. eGranuliferella sp., BMW1, Pc4364; fMediocris aff. Ovalis, BMW1, Pc4366; gEoparastaffella simplex, BMW1, Pc4366; hEoparastaffella ex gr. simplex (E. tumida subsp. 1), BMW1, Pc4367; iEoparastaffella aff. Concinna, BMW1, Pc4365; jEoparastaffella evoluta, BMW2; kEoparastaffella vdovenkoae, BMW1, Pc4366; lEoparastaffella macdermoti, BMW1, Pc4364; mEoparastaffella ovalis, BMW1, Pc4367; nEndolaxina sp., BMW1, Pc4367; oPseudoplanoendothyra sp., BMW1, Pc4364; pEndothyranopsis (Eosynopsis) sp., BMW1, Pc4364. Scale bar same for all figures

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