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Fig. 6

From: Age of the earliest transgressive event in the Krishna-Godavari Basin, India: evidence from dinoflagellate cysts and planktonic foraminifera biostratigraphy

Fig. 6

Light microscopic photographs of selected taxa from DNG well of the Krishna-Godavari Basin. a-cCyclonephelium distinctum, BSIP-16403, EFC 32O/2(A, B), 35 T/4(C). d-ePolysphaeridium duma, BSIP-16403(D), 16401(E), EFC 42E/3(D), 20F/2(E). fHystrichodinium voigtii, BSIP-16399, EFC 16 L/4. gDinopterygium dimorphum, BSIP-16397, EFC 29G/4. hCleistosphaeridium aciculare, BSIP-16406, EFC 42S; Scale bars represent 10 μm and EFC Represents England Finder Coordinates

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