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Table 1 Raw and recalculated grain types and categories for point-counting and petrofacies classification

From: Provenance of upper Permian-lowermost Triassic sandstones, Wutonggou low-order cycle, Bogda Mountains, NW China: implications on the unroofing history of the Eastern North Tianshan Suture

Symbol Definition
 Qnu Nonundulose monocrystalline quartz
 Qu Undulose monocrystalline quartz
 Qpt Polycrystalline quartz with metamorphic textures
 Qpw Polycrystalline quartz without metamorphic textures
 Cht Chert and chalcedony
 K Potassium feldspar
 P Plagioclase
 Lvf Volcanic lithic with felsic texture
 Lvmi Volcanic lithic with microlitic texture
 Lvl Volcanic lithic with lathwork texture
 Lvv Volcanic lithic with vitric texture
 Lvun Unidentified volcanic lithic
 Lmd Mudrock fragment
 Lslt Siltstone fragment
 Lsd Sandstone fragment
 Lm Metamorphic lithic
 Carb Carbonate
 AM Accessory transparent minerals
 OM Opaque minerals
 Bio Bioclastic grains
 Uni Unidentified grain
 Qm Qnu + Qu
 Qp Qpt + Qpw + Cht
 Q Qm + Qp
 F K + P
 Lv Lvf + Lvmi+Lvl + Lvv + Lvun
 Ls Lmd + Lslt+Lsd
 Lmt Lm + Qpt
 Lst Ls + Cht
 L Lv + Ls + Lm
 Lt Lv + Lmt + Lst