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Plate 1

From: Benthic foraminiferal assemblages from the Safranbolu Formation (Cuisian, Eocene), Northwest Anatolia, Turkey

Plate 1

1 – Axial section, megalospheric form of Alveolina archiaci (Slide No.: A2102; Sample No.: 21); 2Alveolina axiampla (Slide No.: A1903; Sample No.: 19); 3Alveolina barattoloi (Slide No.: A2105; Sample No.: 21); 4Alveolina aff. bronnimanni (Slide No.: A1803; Sample No.: 18); 5Alveolina carantana (Slide No.: A1107–A1910; Sample No.: 11, 19); 6Alveolina cf. carantana (Slide No.: A0304; Sample No.: 3); 7Alveolina colatiensis (Slide No.: A1814; Sample No.: 18); 8Alveolina aff. cremae (Slide No.: A1807; Sample No.: 18); 9Alveolina cuspidata (Slide No.: A1804–A2112; Sample No.: 18, 21); 10Alveolina distefanoi (Slide No.: A1114; Sample No.: 11); 11Alveolina sp. A (Slide No.: A2107; Sample No.: 21); 12Alveolina histrica (Slide No.: A1108–A1502–A1803–A1905; Sample No.: 11, 15, 18, 19); 13Alveolina lehneri (Slide No.: A1809; Sample No.: 18); 14Alveolina oblonga (Slide No.: A1812–A1912–A2113; Sample No.: 18, 19, 21); 15Alveolina polatliensis (Slide No.: A1103–A2118; Sample No.: 11, 21); 16Alveolina rakoveci gueroli (Slide No.: A2119; Sample No.: 21). Scale bar is 0.25 cm for all

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