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Table 1 Alveolinid species and the other benthic genera recorded in the Safranbolu Formation

From: Benthic foraminiferal assemblages from the Safranbolu Formation (Cuisian, Eocene), Northwest Anatolia, Turkey

EnvironmentSample NumberFossil Record
Deep (About 80–100 m)
Outer shelf (Lower photic zone)
2Nummulites partschi
3Alveolina cf. carantana, A. ruetimeyeri, A. aff. ruetimeyeri
7Nummulites spp., Assilina spp.
Middle depth (About 40–80 m)
Middle shelf (Upper photic zone)
9Nummulites spp.
10Nummulites partschi
11Alveolina carantana, A. distefanoi, A. histrica, A. polatliensis, A. ruetimeyeri, A. rugosa
12Nummulites spp., Orbitolites spp., Rotalia spp.
14Nummulites spp.
Shallow (About 0–40 m)
Inner shelf (Upper photic zone)
15Alveolina histrica, A. ruetimeyeri, A. sirelii sp. nov., Rotalia spp.
16Nummulites spp., Orbitolites spp.
18Alveolina axiampla, A. aff. bronnimanni, A. aff. cremae, A. colatiensis, A. cuspidata, A. histrica, A. lehneri, A. oblonga, A. rugosa, A. safranboluensis sp. nov., A. sirelii sp. nov.
19A. carantana, A. histrica, A. oblonga, A. ruetimeyeri, A. aff. ruetimeyeri, Nummulites spp., Rotalia spp.
21Alveolina archiaci, A. barattoloi, A. cuspidata, A. oblonga, A. polatliensis, A. rakoveci gueroli, A. ruetimeyeri, A. cf. ruetimeyeri, A. rugosa, A. safranboluensis sp. nov., A. sirelii sp. nov., A. sp. A, Assilina spp., Discocyclina spp., Nummulites spp., Orbitolites spp., Rotalia spp., Gastropoda