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Table 1 Comparison of Melia santangensis sp. nov. with other fossil species of Melia and extant species M. azedarach L. --- indicates no description

From: Late Oligocene Melia (Meliaceae) from the Nanning Basin of South China and it’s biogeographical implication

Species Endocarp Seed Age Locality Reference
Shape Length (mm) Width (mm) Number of locular cavity Shape of locular cavity Shape Length (mm) Width (mm)
M. santangensis Ellipsoidal or oblong 8–14 5–9 5 Spindle-like Spindle-like 6.4–9 2.4–4 late Oligocene Nanning, China Present study
M. yakimaensis Turbinate to spherical 2.8–3.7 3.2–3.6 5–9 Flattened Flattened 2.4 0.6 middle Miocene Yakima county, USA Pigg et al. 2014
M. azedarach Ellipsoidal 10.0–11.9 8.8 5 Narrowly elliptic --- --- --- middle Pleistocene Khok, Thailand Grote 2007
M. azedarach Ellipsoidal or oblong 12–15 8–10 4–5 Elliptic Elliptic 6–9 2.1–4 Extant species Guangzhou, China Present study