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Call for papers and SPEPS-Special call for excellent papers on hot topics

Currently SPEPS including the following topics:

  • Advances in palaeobotany
    Guest editors: Profs. Mihai E. Popa, Cheng-Sen Li, Long-Yi Shao

    Deadline for submissions: 31st August 2018
  • Microbialites
    Guest editors: Profs. Stephen Kershaw, Robert V. Burne, Ya-Sheng Wu, Yong-Biao Wang

    Deadline for submissions: 1st October 2018

Aims and scope

Journal of Palaeogeography publishes rigorously peer-reviewed and high-quality original research articles and authoritative reviews that focus on sedimentology and palaeogeography. Emphasis will be placed on lithofacies palaeogeography and sedimentology, tectonopalaeogeography and palaeotectonics, biopalaeogeography and palaeoecology, geochemistry and sedimentary environments, stratigraphic palaeogeography, physiogeographic palaeogeography, past and present environments and human civilization, ichnology, palaeoclimatology, palaeoseismology, palaeokarst, basin analysis, prediction and exploration related with oil, gas, coal and other mineral resources. The journal has a worldwide authorship, and a broad scope in basic and applied geology. The journal aims to introduce the latest results in palaeogeography and its relevant domain in China, promote cooperation in palaeogeographic research between China and the rest of the world, and build a bridge for scientific communication between China and the world.

Why submit to us?

  • APC fully covered by China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
  • Served by a dedicated and active international editorial committee which ensures swift editorial response and high academic quality of the journal
  • Priority of attending the IPC and other relevant academic conferences or workshop

Upcoming events

4th International Conference of Palaeogeography, September 20–22, 2019, Beijing, China (First Circular)


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