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Fig. 1

From: Recurrent hardgrounds and their significance for intra-basinal correlations: a case study of upper Bathonian rocks from the western margin of the Indian craton

Fig. 1

a Outline map of India showing the location of the Jaisalmer and Kachchh Basins; b Tectonic sketch map of the Jaisalmer Basin (modified after Biswas 1982; Misra et al. 1993); c Geological sketch map of the Jaisalmer Basin showing the outcrops of the Jaisalmer Formation and localities of the three investigated hardgrounds (modified after Das Gupta 1975; Pandey et al. 2014); d Road map showing the investigated localities: 1–Nav Dungar section, 2–River section W of Jajiya village, 3–River section E of Jajiya village, 4–Kuldhar Nala section, 5–Kuldhar River section, 6–11 km milestone section, along the Jaisalmer-Sum road, 7–Gharoi River section, W of Baisakhi village, 8–River section 6 km W of Hadda and 9 km E of Jethwai villages, and 9–Kanod River section

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