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Fig. 3

From: The floristic relationship between the upland and lowland Carboniferous wetlands of Variscan Euramerica — Evidence from some medullosalean pteridosperm fronds

Fig. 3

Alethopteris grandinii (Brongniart) Göppert var. grandinii. a - Squat pinnule form; Radstock Formation (Asturian Substage), Radstock, Somerset, UK (BGS Kidst. 3850); b - Slender pinnule form; Heinrich Seam, Heiligenwald Formation (Asturian Substage), Wendel, Saarland, (USTL 3190); c - Close-up of typical pinnule form showing coarse veining; Heiligenwald Formation (Asturian Substage), Stocken Borehole (depth 1005.8 m), Saarland, (USTL 3191); d - Close-up of more slender pinnule form; Heiligenwald Formation (Asturian Substage), Stocken Borehole (depth 1005.0 m), Saarland, (USTL 3192). Scale bars = 10 mm (a, b); 5 mm (c, d)

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