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Fig. 2

From: Eocene foraminiferal biofacies in Kutch Basin (India) in context of palaeoclimate and palaeoecology

Fig. 2

Field photographs of Eocene formations in Kutch Basin. a Shales and limestone of Naredi Formation in the type locality exposed near Naredi village. Biostratigraphically the section extends from Zone SBZ8 to SBZ11 in Kakdi River section. Height of the person sitting is ~3 ft; b Contact between Harudi Formation and Fulra Limestone Formation, Rato River section. Height of the person is ~5.7 ft; c Palaeokarst surface (red line) between Fulra Limestone Formation and Maniyara Fort Formation. Length of the pen (circled) is 12 cm; d Close-up view of the upper part of Fulra Limestone Formation containing Nummulites maculatus and Alveolina sp. Length of the red rectangle object is 6 cm

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