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Fig. 14

From: Alluvial sedimentation and tectono-stratigraphic evolution in a narrow extensional zigzag basin margin (northern Teruel Basin, Spain)

Fig. 14

Conceptual model of the onlap-over-rollover geometry described in this work, with growth strata associated to listrict normal faults revealing competition between tectonic subsidence and sedimentary supply rates. Synrift deposits are trapped and thickened close to the master fault and beds onlap both the master fault and the limb of the associated rollover anticline. In a subsequent scenario of decreasing tectonic activity, local subsident troughs are completely filled and, finally, a general widespread progradation of alluvial fans (i.e. antitetic progradation in the sense of Paola et al. 1992) is expected to occur. BU–Buttress unconformity; SRU–Syn-rift unconformity

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