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Fig. 9

From: Triassic (Anisian and Rhaetian) palaeomagnetic poles from the Germanic Basin (Winterswijk, the Netherlands)

Fig. 9

Palaeogeographic maps of Pangea in the Anisian and the Rhaetian times, with the outline of the modern border of the Netherlands, and the sampling location in Winterswijk. Reconstructions based on Euler rotations of Seton et al. (2012) for the major continents, the Neotethys, and the Paleotethys based on Muttoni et al. (2009), Gaina et al. (2013), Li et al. (2016), Maffione and van Hinsbergen (2018), and East Asia following Van der Voo et al. (2015), cast in the palaeomagnetic reference frame of Torsvik et al. (2012). Light grey latitudinal band represents the palaeolatitude predicted by the GAPWaP, darker grey band is the palaeolatitude band predicted by our new Winterswijk poles, and the darkest grey thin band represents the overlap between the two palaeolatitude bands

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