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Fig. 11

From: A new early Visean coral assemblage from Azrou-Khenifra Basin, central Morocco and palaeobiogeographic implications

Fig. 11

Palaeogeographic distribution of the coral taxa recorded in Ba Moussa West in the Palaeotethys region and around Laurentia and Baltica (modified after Webb 2002). sSiphonophyllia, uSychnoelasma urbanowitschi, cCravenia, tTurnacipora,pPleurosiphonella. 1. Ba Moussa West, 2. Tafilalt, 3. Midcontinent, 4. Western Interior, 5. Canadian Rockies, 6. Carnic Alps, 7. Western Europe, 8. Eastern Europe, 9. Moscow Basin, 10. Ural Mountains, 11. Tian-Shan (Northwest China), 12. Turkey, 13. Transcaucasia, 14. Iran, 15. Himalaya, 16. South China

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