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  1. Texture, mineralogy, geochemistry, and 14C ages of two deep-sea sediment cores (GM6 and GM7) recovered in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico were investigated to infer their provenance and depositional condition. Th...

    Authors: Abigail Anaya-Gregorio, John S. Armstrong-Altrin, María Luisa Machain-Castillo, Patricia C. Montiel-García and Mayla A. Ramos-Vázquez
    Citation: Journal of Palaeogeography 2018 7:3
  2. This paper investigates the provenance of Middle Jurassic to Early Cretaceous sediments in the Kutch Basin, western India, on the basis of mineralogical investigations of sandstones composition (Quartz–Feldspa...

    Authors: Angana Chaudhuri, Santanu Banerjee and Emilia Le Pera
    Citation: Journal of Palaeogeography 2018 7:2