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Table 1 Main bulk coal quality parameters of the Late Permian coal seams from the Songhe mining area, western Guizhou

From: Using geophysical logs to identify Milankovitch cycles and to calculate net primary productivity (NPP) of the Late Permian coals, western Guizhou, China

Coal Seam No. Ad (%) Vdaf (%) St, d (%) Cdaf (%) ARD (gcm−3)
17# 17.41 21.03 0.40 79.63 1.33
18# 17.70 20.77 0.67 80.32 1.34
17 + 18# NO DATA
  1. All data are from the geological survey report of the Guizhou Administration of Coal Geology
  2. A Ash, V Volatile, St Total sulfur, C Carbon, ARD Apparent density, d Dry basis, daf Dry ash-free basis