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Fig. 4 | Journal of Palaeogeography

Fig. 4

From: Growth mechanisms and environmental implications of carbonate concretions from the ~ 1.4 Ga Xiamaling Formation, North China

Fig. 4

Fabrics of the carbonate concretions of Xiamaling Formation. Displacive growth is marked with “D”, while replacive growth marked with “R”. a and b Polished concretions, showing offwhite zones of displacive growth, occurring within and adjacent to green-yellow zones of replaced mudstone that have been cemented and incorporated into the concretion fabric; c A concretion with curved lamination, showing that the displacive layer also occurred in a replacive layer concentrated zone; d and e Concretion with concentric ring structures. a and d were collected from Huangtugang section; the others were collected from Jizhentun section

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